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Constantly Improving

At Trinity Precision, we are dedicated to constantly improving. That dedication requires an eye toward the future as we carefully plan and then apply rigorous effort in reaching our goals.

Building Tomorrow's Foundation Today

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New Equipment, Offices and Spaces

As Trinity grows, we know that we will continue to need room for new equipment, offices for new team members, and area for process flow. We have a multi-stage plan that allows us to grow our space to support the growing needs of our business and that of our customer.

Aerospace Parts Manufacturer Whats New The Future Parts


Investments in Cutting-edge Equipment

Trinity continues to invest in cutting-edge equipment that will maximize our ability to automate the transactional and manual while elevating our team members for creativity and problem- solving. Trinity is currently reviewing our future customer needs and what equipment we will need to fulfill them.

Aerospace Parts Manufacturer Whats New The Future Parts

Automation Engineering

Eliminating Clicks, Steps and Touch Time

Trinity utilizes processes to gain consistent A-level performance. We are focused on continuing to improve our processes through automation as our business volume and needs change. Our current focus is to eliminate clicks, steps and touch time. Our team is focused on looking at every aspect of our business for potential improvement.

Aerospace Parts Manufacturer Whats New The Future Parts


Investing In and Developing New Technology

Trinity is investing in and developing new technology to solve some of the industries most daunting challenges. We will continue to invest in technology for the floor, data, and the office aimed at identifying risks and problems so our talented team can find innovative solutions to those problems.

Aerospace Parts Manufacturer Whats New The Future Parts


Developing Our Workforce

Trinity believes in developing our workforce. We plan on partnering externally and developing internally to fill the training needs of our current and future team. We know that the development of soft skills and hard skills are critical to the success of any business. As people become a scarcity in the labor market, the ability to develop and retain our team becomes critical.