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Leveraging Data to Speed Innovation

We understand the power and value of data to predict risk and solve problems! We focus our data into a single source to ensure data consistency and integrity. We turn that data into creative capital with our people to bring value to our business and our customers.

Process Automation and Technology

Enterprise Resource Planning Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Global Shop Solutions

Global Shop Solutions provides Trinity Precision with a comprehensive quote to cash Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution. It allows us to consolidate all of our data into one system/location and provide our team with the data that they need in the right format at the right time allowing them to make the best decisions for our clients and our business.

  • Consolidated data ensures operational cohesiveness.
  • Data dashboard and reporting customization mean we get the right data into our team’s hands.
  • Automation of transactions and data analytics mean we spend more time-solving problems for our clients.
  • Visualization of data is available for all aspects of our business.
Part Identification Vision System - Part Inspection

Vision System

Trinity Precision is using technology to address one of the industry’s most significant issues— misidentified parts. We are deploying a vision system technology to allow us to quickly and accurately identify part configuration between parts with similar part configurations. This technology removes the human error in our receiving process.

  • We have fast and accurate part identification.
  • Our vision system eliminates confusion between configurations with slight differences.
  • We are able to ensure correct part identification and part marking.
Aerospace Parts Manufacturer Managed Security Services Managed Service and Managed Security Services

Choose Networks

All critical data systems need hardware and support to ensure network integrity. Trinity Precision has partnered with Choose Networks as our managed services provided and our managed security service provider. They ensure:

  • Our data pipelines and systems are operational and secure.
  • That we leverage the best technology.
  • That we are secure from external and internal security threats.
Choose Networks
Machine Monitoring Machine Monitoring

Machine Metrics

Trinity Precision has partnered with Machine Metrics as our machine monitoring partner. Machine Metrics is an IoT platform that monitors and improves Trinity’s factory floor production efficiency. It helps us eliminate bottlenecks and empowers our team with real-time machine connectivity, visual dashboards and predictive alerts.

  • We enjoy real-time visibility of production efficiency and machine utilization.
  • Machine monitoring provides the ability to track downtime from alarms or from the operator view and display a Pareto chart for any period of time that highlights the bottlenecks that are generating the most downtime. Machine monitoring also provides our continuous improvement efforts the best focus for the most impactful results.
  • We are able to detect and diagnose machine performance issues to help prevent unplanned downtime and increase machine utilization.
Machine Metrics
Model-Based Definition (MBD)- Catia Model-Based Definition (MBD)- Catia


Our clients develop aircraft that shape the world and bring it closer together. Our clients use Catia to develop those products. At Trinity Precision, we utilize Catia from quote to award to planning to programming to production to the inspection of our parts. Our process and our technology are seamless to support our clients and their innovation!

  • We have Catia expertise that is utilized in all aspects of engineering.
  • Catia allows seamless integration that does not require translation and ensures engineering fidelity.
  • Trinity Precision is MBD-approved with multiple clients.
  • We have a standardized engineering process using standard tooling, cutter catalogs and processes.
  • Customers are ensured reduced costs and lead-time.
Aerospace Parts Manufacturer Process Data Digital Document Workflow Digital Document/Workflow


Trinity Precision uses PSIcapture, which turns document and email data into information you can use. PSIcapture does much more than just convert documents from paper to digital format. It’s advanced, automated document capture and data extraction is designed to allow for the utilization of digital documents in an efficient and effective manner. We have more than just scanned documents; we have digital information that we incorporate into our workflow.

  • PSIcapture ensures that we have digital documents stored, backed up and easily retrievable.
  • PSIcapture provides a format for digital document workflow.
  • We have reduced transaction time and costs.