Inside Our Trusted Network: How Our Long-Term Partners Help Trinity Precision Accomplish More

March 1, 2023

At Trinity Precision, our people are the engine of our business, which is why we work to find and develop the most talented individuals in the industry, extending to our long-term business partnerships. Our trusted network is vast, with individual expertise to support our current and long-term needs. Utilizing such a scalable and practical network allows us to focus on our core business and customer needs while adapting to ever-evolving industry and market changes. Learn more about the various partnerships that help put Trinity Precision ahead of the competition!

By Our Side From the Beginning

Eight years ago, after the acquisition that formed Trinity Precision, our team remained committed to excellence and sought out partners that were not only experts in their respective fields but could help contribute to the future growth of our company. Among our most trusted partnerships emerged Syndeo, Integris IT, and Cassandra Bryan Design, who have proved to be consistently reliable over the course of our relationships. It was our top priority not to opt for the lowest-cost provider but for a long-term partner that aligned well with the vision of Trinity Precision. Not only has this provided us with velocity in business growth and speed, but it has allowed us to focus on what we do well.


Syndeo is an Employer Services Assurance Corporation (ESAC) and accredited human resources provider that offers us access to subject matter experts in all aspects of Human Resources. For the past eight years, they have managed all of Trinity Precision’s Human Resource services, from general policy and compliance to our safety, payroll, and onboarding processes. Managing compliance while working to provide an amazing workplace for our team and create a positive impact on their lives has proved huge, especially during COVID-19. Not only have they helped us manage various legal requirements, but they have provided guidance based on what was best for our team and their families.

Cassandra Bryan Design

Cassandra Bryan Design, also known as cb{d}, has been our branding, custom website, and digital marketing partner since our inception. Throughout the duration of our relationship, their team has developed three different websites and branding packages for our companies, in addition to offering social media support and general marketing guidance.


Integris IT provides managed IT support and cyber security services that have helped set our business technology up for success. Their team keeps us up to date on the latest technological direction and advises how it will impact our operations at Trinity Precision. Since establishing our partnership in 2014, they have helped provide support for anything network-related, including collaborating on our Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) deployment to take a proactive, strategic approach to cybersecurity and create scalable solutions long before most of our competition!

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