Manufacturing Long-Term Partnerships: Meet Trinity Precision’s CSR Team

June 21, 2022

At Trinity Precision, a nationally recognized and trusted aerospace parts manufacturer, our team works to develop long-term partnerships with each customer, built on a foundation of mutual trust. To offer our clients the best value in the industry, we have built our company on three fundamental pillars—People, Process, and Principle—starting with People. Since our inception, we have invested in finding, developing, and retaining the most talented employees in the industry, which has resulted in a uniquely crafted Customer Service Representative (CSR) team ready to meet your needs. Learn more about our team and their collaborative approach below!

Why do we enjoy working at Trinity Precision?

When placing an order with Trinity Precision, our customer service representatives will serve as your point of contact, receiving all purchase orders and inputting them into the system, coordinating prompt delivery times, resolving routine and non-routine requests, and tracking customer performance. Each team member is dedicated to efficiency and process improvements and maintains constant communication with customers regarding the status of their orders by providing weekly status reports and facilitating phone calls to relay important status updates. Outside of communicating with customers, our team members appreciate Trinity Precision’s people-centric approach and collaborative atmosphere, where our employees feel comfortable working together to solve problems and improve efficiency.

Aerospace Manufacturer People Who We Are Kurt Johnson
I particularly enjoy the atmosphere at Trinity Precision. We have an outstanding team that focuses on people. Since we are a privately held company, we can make decisions as a management team to move quicker than competitors, and the team's mindset is always looking forward toward improvement and efficiency. Kurt Johnson, Director of Supply Chain and Customer Service Support

How does our team work together to solve problems?

Over the past couple of years, Trinity Precision has experienced various changes affecting the working environment, from the contraction in the commercial aerospace market, to the physical effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, to widespread internal restructuring. Our current team remained resilient throughout this time, going the extra mile to support all staff and customers with no disruption to our processes. Regardless of the challenge, our team consistently comes together to discuss potential problems, determine the root cause, and take immediate action to correct any issues and alleviate problems before they arise.

Aerospace Manufacturer People Who We Are Donna Shurtz
What makes the CSR team unique is the people; we work together to help each other out, whether with encouraging words or the support of our great team leader! Our team's greatest accomplishment is continuous teamwork, whether that means coming together to accommodate 400 purchase orders a day or working collaboratively to solve issues that may arise. Donna Shurtz, Customer Service Representative

What most excites us about the future?

Our company consistently focuses on implementing new technologies and equipment that can be maximized with process knowledge. Be it through the pursuit of successful robotic automation, building expansion, or internal growth, Trinity Precision is focused on a prosperous future for both our customers and our people. We are proud to have curated an industry-leading customer service team that plays a monumental role in the overall success of Trinity Precision!

Aerospace Manufacturer People Who We Are Misty Hess
I look forward to watching Trinity Precision keep growing. We have so many talented people; I know our future is only going to get brighter. Misty Hess, Customer Service Representative
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