Trinity Precision Presents Uplift Levi-Load at the Wichita Industrial Trade Show

February 21, 2022
Wichita Industrial Trade Show Intro

Showcasing the Uplift Levi-Load

This past October, nationally trusted aerospace parts manufacturer, Trinity Precision, and automation integrator, Akeratos, attended the Wichita Industrial Trade Show to discuss company growth challenges and exhibit the various easy-to-use features of Akeratos’ debut product, the Uplift Levi-Load. With attendees from all across the midwest, the trade show garnered tremendous interest in the patent-pending product and served as an opportunity to network with prospective buyers. Learn more about their participation in the trade show and find out how the Uplift Levi-Load is continuing to fill a previous gap in raw material transportation below!

Uplift Levi Load Feature Promo Video

About the Trade Show

Since 1974, the annual Wichita Industrial Trade Show has been a significant marketplace for buyers in the midwest, with show contributors from all sectors of the industrial sphere. This year, the show was held at the Century II Expo Hall in Wichita, Kansas, and welcomed over 175 exhibitors who were able to present their services, machinery, and equipment to the manufacturing community. Not only did this serve as an opportunity for exhibitors from all sectors of the industrial community to present their products and services, but it afforded professionals of all levels the chance to view exhibits and speak with factory experts.

Trinity Precision’s Participation

In addition to presenting Trinity Precision and Akeratos’ superior alternative to vacuum lift machines, Trinity Precision President David May was invited to participate in a Top Management Panel for this year’s show. Joined by Brad White of Textron Aviation and Brent Edmisten of Excel Industries, May and the other panelists were able to share their views on growth challenges their companies face, the opportunities they see moving forward, and how they foresee these challenges and opportunities to impact business growth in the Wichita region. After a successful few days of exhibiting, Trinity and Akeratos teams were encouraged with the positive feedback and interest from potential buyers and look forward to furthering their reach and customer base in the future.

Demonstrating the Uplift Levi-Load

Among this year’s 175 exhibitors, the Trinity Precision and Akeratos teams presented their easy-to-use, safe, and cost-effective patent-pending product, the Uplift Levi-Load. Superior to tongs in its abilities, the device is most often used by machine shops, horizontal machine centers, and palletized machines as it is designed to be operated by a single person rather than two or more. When in use, the Uplift Levi-Load connects to a crane and allows one person to easily and safely move heavy raw material from a horizontal position to a vertical position before loading it onto a machine. Not only is the product lightweight and easily connected to a crane, but it includes a variety of added benefits. Some additional features of the Uplift Levi-Load include:

  • Portability—The product easily moves from one crane to another, unlike vacuum lift machines that are difficult to move and require an extensive setup process.
  • Safety—The Uplift Levi-Load is safer than a vacuum lift machine that can lose pressure or electricity during use and is superior to tongs that are unable to safely move raw material from a horizontal position to a vertical position.
  • Affordability—The Uplift Levi-Load is a fraction of the cost of individual vacuum lift machines and reduces the chance of human error, resulting in dropped product.
  • Versatility—The innovative design of the Uplift Levi-Load allows it to work with a forklift!
  • Accessibility—When using the Uplift Levi-Load, the material hangs straight up and down and does not tilt, making it easier to load material onto the machine.
  • Elimination of Interference—The Uplift Levi-Load is designed void of any straps, eliminating the potential for strap interference with the mating surface. This allows the material to be mated directly to the palette.

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