Employee Spotlight: Jean-Paul Nguyen

September 30, 2021
Spotlight Jean-Paul Nguyen Trinity Precision

Get To Know Jean-Paul

Jean-Paul Nguyen joined Trinity Precision as an Estimator in March of 2021, where he works closely with our business development team to estimate and establish competitive bid proposals for clients based on current market trends. He has quickly become a great asset to our team, and we appreciate his continued dedication and loyalty to the company! Learn more about Jean-Paul and his contributions to Trinity Precision through the quick interview below.

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What does your position involve at Trinity Precision?

As an Estimator for Trinity Precision, I work as part of the business development team. Estimating entails analyzing engineering drawings, models, customers’ requirements, capacity, capabilities, constraints, and logistics of a product to establish a competitive bid proposal based on the current aerospace market.

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What do you enjoy about working at Trinity Precision? 

What I enjoy most about Trinity Precision is the core management team and the principles embodied in the atmosphere. There is a high potential for growth and expansion in the aerospace industry, and it is refreshing when everyone’s committed to our success. It is exciting to be a part of the Trinity Precision Family as we look into the near future!

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How does your team work together to solve problems?

The knowledge and experience of our team are dynamic. We complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses and listen and include everyone’s thoughts and ideas in the process. We are only as strong as our weakest link, and by working together, we eliminate being weak as an individual but stronger as a team. 

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How is Trinity Precision’s quoting process unique?

Our process is extremely comprehensive in outlining and understanding where our costs reside.  Understanding the variables that impact the costing structure is critical to our financial success or failure. I think we do a great job in having the tools we need to be competitive for our customers and having a pulse of our customers’ needs and outlook in the aerospace market.

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