Video: Ripple Effect

January 27, 2020

Trinity Precision | Ripple Effect

Our vision at Trinity Precision is a little bit outside the norm for a manufacturing facility. We want to change the world one relationship at a time, guided by Christian principles. People might look at Trinity a little differently when we talk about that, especially when we’re doing a company intro. It all started with a desire by Trinity’s founders to be about more than just profit.

There was a frustration after some personal and professional experiences with organizations that consistently put profit over people. To see the very real impact that philosophy had on family lives and then not only just those families but the people they associated with was profound. The more instances we saw of companies putting their bottom line before the well-being of their employees, the more our frustration grew. Eventually, we realized we couldn’t make an impact at a corporate level, or in politics, or to change the things that were going on in the world. However, we could work to make positive changes within ourselves.

“I heard a saying by Mother Teresa that said if you want to change the world, go home and change yourself. And when you change yourself, it has an impact on your family, your family has an impact on the community, the community has an impact on your country, and the country has an impact on the world,” said Trinity president, David May.

Changing your attitude creates a ripple effect. You don’t try to control how that happens or where it goes. You simply take the next action, the next moment, and turn that into a holy moment. We decided that while we might not be able to change things at a country level or a state level, or city level, we could make positive changes inside of a company. All that in an effort to create the type of environment where people would say, “I really like working here.” And when they went home, they weren’t kicking the dog, they were taking care of the kids.

We want to have a positive impact on how employees influence their family, and then their family would go out and have a positive impact on the community, and it would ripple out. No matter what industry you’re in, the intent should stay the same. We strive to take care of our People, implementing Processes that make Trinity Precision a place they are happy to go to work that is guided by Christian Principles, and ultimately, plant seeds that then ripple out into the rest of the world.