Video: People, Process, Principle

December 9, 2019

Trinity Precision | People Process Principles

On the surface, Trinity Precision may look like any other aerospace parts manufacturer. However, we work hard to set ourselves apart, to be more than just a group of employees. To do that, we strive to give our employees the tools they need to succeed in the short term and grow in the long term. But that’s not what sets us apart.

“When we think of what makes Trinity Precision unique, it really comes down to three things: our belief in the power of People, our people focused through the power of Process, and being grounded in a foundation of Principles,” said Trinity Precision president, David May.

We focus on building and maintaining strong relationships among the Trinity family, improving trust and giving us the ability to work quickly and efficiently to provide extraordinary service to our customers. All of our decisions and values are grounded in Christian principles, providing a clarity of purpose.

“Having a foundation rooted in principle is key to building any relationship. It develops trust that allows us to support our customers at a tremendous speed. On this foundation, we’ll not only earn business, but we’ll build a partnership that will last a lifetime,” said May. 


Power of Process

For Trinity Precision, it’s about how we focus on the skills of our people to improve and control our processes with technology, data management, and partnering with experts. Using this approach, we’ve been able to reduce our cycle times by 40-60% and in some cases, eliminate our labor component completely.

Throughout everything we do our focus on developing and strengthening our People, maintaining and improving our Processes, guided by strong Principles will always remain steadfast. It’s what has set us apart from the beginning and what will continue as we grow the Trinity family.