Trinity Precision Receives R&D/Innovation Award

September 10, 2019

The Wichita Business Journal recently held their sixth annual Manufacturing, Wholesale, and Distribution Awards highlighting the achievements of South Central Kansas companies excelling in those fields. Trinity Precision was honored to receive an award in the R&D/Innovation category with other great manufacturers like Buddy Brands, Milling Precision Tool, and BG Products, Inc.

“Technology and process are very important to any company’s growth and success,” said Trinity Precision president, David May. “The key catalyst that makes those components work with outstanding results is the creativity and ingenuity of the team deploying them to solve problems.”

Our new Vision Inspection System was developed and perfected by a team led by Trinity’s manufacturing engineer, Nate Hess, and Joel Koripalli, automation engineer at Akeratos LLC, a newly formed automation and integration company. This project was a significant innovation for Trinity. The team pinpointed correctly-identified parts as one of our company’s major quality drivers.

Trinity manufactures hundreds of parts with unique part numbers, many that look identical to the naked eye. Sometimes, parts could be marked with incorrect information or be misidentified completely. In the past, we employed inspectors who measured each part, a slow and tedious process. Our new Vision Inspection System uses a combination of specially-designed software and hardware to scan each part, measure it, and correctly identify it – in a fraction of the time it took inspectors. This new system has greatly improved our overall time and accuracy.

“When you have an amazing team you will get amazing results with the technology that is purchased and the processes that are developed!” David said.

We are incredibly proud of our team and ecstatic to see them receive this well-deserved recognition. The hard work they displayed in leveraging their combined creative capital and technical knowledge to develop an innovative solution is truly commendable. It’s the perfect confluence of the three pillars of Trinity Precision: People, Process, and Principle.

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