Trinity Team Attends Leadership Summit 2019

September 5, 2019

No one is born a leader. It’s a skill we learn through trial and error, and by following the example of great leaders throughout our lives. Simulcast by Lead Wichita at INTRUST Bank Arena, the Global Leadership Summit (GLS) gathered leaders from many different fields to share their experiences and philosophies to help attendees become more effective leaders.

In keeping with our ongoing commitment to industry leadership, Trinity Precision sent a group to attend the Global Leadership Summit August 8-9, 2019. The number of local companies who support the GLS through Lead Wichita was impressive and encouraging. Wichita is one of the largest sites across the globe for live streaming. Attending the GLS is one way of planting the seeds of amazing ideas and concepts that our team can take and apply at Trinity in ways that will help us develop and grow.

Additionally, because of our continuing partnership with Syndeo, we invited a contingent of our Syndeo partners to join us at GLS.

“We were so grateful for the opportunity to attend GLS!” said Thuy Tran, HR Business Partner at Syndeo. “One of the best things I learned was that as an individual, no matter what level or where we are at in our career or personal life, we have the power to influence, change or improve our lives and the lives of future generations.”

Our team heard talks from speakers across multiple industries. Speakers presented useful concepts ranging from ways to efficiently spend your time and money to ways to maximize interpersonal interaction. Attending the GLS brought our team closer and helped us sharpen our focus on leading as a team.

Some of our key takeaways from the GLS included:

  • GETMO (Good Enough To Move On) – a concept that warns against the dangers of perfectionism, the enemy of progress
  • Bend the Curve! – a philosophy centered around eliminating inefficient expenditures of time and money for minimal gain
  • Practice Realistic Optimism
  • The Power of Rejection
  • My productivity is not linked to my value.
  • If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go with others!

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