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July 12, 2019

Trinity Precision was recently featured in an article for Modern Machine Shop Magazine in their Next-Gen Aerospace Materials and Processes special issue. It showcases our culture of creative problem solving using automation and innovation.

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  • Success for small to midsize aerospace suppliers requires them to build their business with scalability in mind first and foremost.
  • When scaling your manufacturing business today, sharing knowledge and systemizing operations are as important as hiring more employees.
  • Trinity Precision serves major aerospace and defense companies such as Boeing, Textron, Northrop Grumman, and Gulftstream, among many others.
  • Trinity Precision has invested in robotic and palletized horizontal machining centers.

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Who We Serve
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  • When Trinity Precision first took over their shop, cleaning and 5-S were top priorities. They shut down the facility for 72 hours to clean it. Their efforts filled a dozen 20-foot dumpster with trash.
  • In less than a year, standardizing tooling and their approach to work allowed them to program 350 unique part numbers using fewer than 20 unique tools. A majority of the parts were produced on standard tooling with standard cutters.
  • After five years, the number of parts running on the Makino A61 Cell has increased to over 800 configurations using the standard tooling, cutting, and process. This saves our customers lead time, non-recurring, and overall cost.
  • Trinity added a FANUC Robodrill machining center that allows for two-stage milling.

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Parts Capabilities
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Tribal counsel

  • Trinity Precision believes in the power of automation to elevate the workforce. As they automate data mining and transactional tasks, the team can bring more value to the customer by solving problems. In turn, it creates more value for them and their families.
  • By integrating information flows from multiple departments into its material requirements planning (MRP) system, the company created a master data hub that all departments rely on for information regarding production, shipping, materials, etc.
  • Data is linked directly to related processes from each job’s original quote. That information can be accessed in a production queue in the MRP system.

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The Trinity Process
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Sound vision

  • Some of the parts that Trinity manufactures contain geometries nearly identical to those of other parts. There is a potential for this to go unnoticed and create an escape. Misidentified parts are the major source of non-conformance in the industry. This wastes time at best and, at worst, could be a major hazard if it makes it onto an airplane.
  • In the past, Trinity employed an inspector who measured parts to make sure they were correct. The process was slow and tedious. They now use a vision technology system that uses a mix of software and hardware to scan and measure parts, improving time and accuracy.

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Vision & Core Values

Trinity NewsroomImage David
Businesses that aren't developing a way to automate both the manufacturing process and transactional data will be in serious trouble trying to find people. There’s a strategic imperative. The more that we can automate the mundane, the transactional, the more we elevate our current workforce to employ higher-level skills that bring value to them and their families. David May, President and Co-Founder Photo courtesy of Modern Machine Shop

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