All Metals Recycling Leadership Class Tours Trinity Precision

April 19, 2017

We are proud to work with companies like All Metals Recycling that are involved in the community. AMR is actively working with fourth and fifth-grade students in a leadership class at Irving Elementary. They host the class every week at the school and provide guest speakers the opportunity to discuss topics on leadership.

On April 18th, 2017, Ken Mueller and Clint Cornejo from All Metals Recycling joined eleven students and Barbara Hermocillo from Irving Elementary in touring Trinity Precision. The goal of the tour was to expose the students to real-world applications for their S.T.E.M. studies. This type of exposure is important for the next generation to see the potential opportunities that they have in life with hard work and study.  The Trinity Precision team had as much fun explaining what they do as the kids had seeing it firsthand.

“All Metals Recycling is the kind of business partner that we like to work with at Trinity Precision. They understand that business is more than just about profits. It is about the opportunity to touch lives, one person at a time. It is about leaving the community stronger than we found it. The work that they are doing at Irving Elementary is an inspiration. “  – David May – President of Trinity Precision