New Name – Same Great Team!

September 21, 2016

We received a notification from another aerospace company with a similar name that Trinity Aero was a trademark violation of their name. During this situation, we found ourselves in cordial negotiations with another great company resolving the issue and reflecting on what our name means to us. We determined that Trinity was a key component of our identity and our values. In addition, we understood that our business philosophy centers around People, Process, and Principle and is a philosophy that we execute with Precision – leading us to the name Trinity Precision Inc.

This name change is only a name change. Our tax identification number, our ownership, our great team, and our business processes are all still the same and still focused on getting better every day. We are confident that you will continue to receive the same exceptional service that we have always provided to you as Trinity Aero.

In addition, we will have a new website at that has been completely redone to reflect our company. Our email addresses will also change from … to …

If you have questions, please contact us via phone at 316-265-0603, or via email at

As always, we are here to solve problems and earn your business.

Again, thank you for choosing Trinity Precision Inc .

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